Discover the largest gift shop in Luxembourg City

For over 20 years, our aim has been to keep the dreams of both young and old alive. Because the pleasure of putting a smile on a loved one’s face is the best reward there is.

4 floors to better serve you

Located in the city centre in a converted house, our Aladdin’s cave reveals its 4 floors of treasures.

Floor +2

Girls’ Toys and Games


This floor attracts young and old alike, because playing with friends or family never gets old!

Here you’ll find Domino’s best board games (in several languages), from the classics to the latest releases, simple games, award-winning games or single-player educational games.

But those with a creative streak can also discover the crafts section, with modelling clay, yarn, paint or items to make jewellery.

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Floor +1

Party Gifts for adult


Here’s where you’ll find our seasonal or designer decorations.

Presents for all ages, such as scents, piggy banks, photo frames, or designer gadgets at reasonable prices.

The party section is very well stocked for fancy dress events, birthdays or themed evenings.

An exclusive in Luxembourg, the shop Freitag gives the floor a cutting-edge look with its Swiss bags made from tarpaulin.

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Floor -1

Baby Toys – Soft Toys

baby-soft toys-girls

When it comes to what to buy for a little one, it is often difficult to choose from the wide array of beautiful wooden toys or soft cuddly toys and dolls on offer.

Here, parents and grandparents can choose between imitation toys, sensorial toys and early-learning games safe in the knowledge that the items have been designed with safety and quality in mind.

Away from toys, there is a sackful of original ideas: bedroom accessories (nightlights and decorations) and supplies (bags, lunchboxes, slippers) are as useful as they are appealing.

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Floor -2

Boys’ toys – Sport


For young lads and their dads, Domino carries a wide range of brands in the fields of construction, science and cars.

It’s here that you’ll find your favourite figurines and accessories from the latest films!

We also have a large sports and outdoors section for energetic kids, with outdoor activities and wheeled toys.

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Browse through our catalogues

With over 10,000 products available, it would be impossible to condense our offer into a single catalogue. But take the time to browse through our suggestions anyway.

Asmodée Catalogue

We have the latest board games in German and French, and even in English

See the catalogue
Domino Catalogue

This catalogue highlights innovative and high-quality toys

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Christmas 2016 Privilège Catalogue

Browse through the range of Janod toys that we have in store.

See the catalogue

Latest news

Here’s where you’ll find the latest news about our shop. Promotions, news or topical information, everything that you’ve always wanted to know about our shop without ever daring to ask!

About us

DOMINO has a wide range of items that goes well beyond just games and toys; in fact it’s the largest gift shop of any kind in Luxembourg City centre!

What makes us so special? An area entirely devoted to LEGO, a full range of board games (in French and German), a large sports and outdoors section, but above all a selection of the best German and French brands (STEIFF, COROLLE, SIGIKID, DJECO, HABA, JANOD, GÖTZ, LILLIPUTIENS, and more).

From licenced products to designer gifts… here you’ll find all you need to thrill gadget enthusiasts, both young and old!

In our store, grandparents are spoilt rotten: a specialist sales team helps them choose the right gift and advises them on the latest products… all for the delight of the little ones!

Once upon a time they would go to a toy shop to choose their Christmas presents, now they come in with their grandchildren and enjoy reminiscing about their favourite toys…

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Our partners

We have more than 100 suppliers. Below are some of the best known for their range and quality.

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Address : 6, Rue Louvigny – L-1946 Luxembourg

Phone +352 46 68 81


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