Maxi Deluxe Pro Grey/Aqua

139,00 TTC

✔ lean and steer mechanism
✔ changeable in height(5-12j)
✔ quality parts & soft materials
✔ chopper handlebar & anti slip logo on deck

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Scoot in a cool way with this Micro scooter.

This Maxi Micro Deluxe Pro in rose is extra fun with its fat wheels and wide handelbar. It is the perfect follow-up scooter of the Mini Micro scooter.

It uses the same unique lean-and-steer mechanism, just as the original invention of Micro, the Micro Kickboards for older teens and adults.

You can scoot in the correct direction by leaning your body sideways. This makes it very stable in rigid turns.

The handlebar is connected to the platform by a safety pin that enables quickly pulling in and out the T-bar for transport or storage.

The deluxe in this version means a height changeable handlebar from 69-96 cms and a cool design including colour adapted brake and handles.

As always, Micro only uses their best wheels and bearing for the Micro scooters. This makes the Maxi Micro deluxe a super quiet scooter that can last for many years, making it a top favourite for the older kids! This is not just a toy scooter, this is a durable sports item!

Maxi Micro scooters have a wide metal rear brake on top of a double wheel which makes it highly efficient in braking. Not only this makes the scooter very safe, with its lightweight of 2,5kg and maximum capacity until 70kg, it can be handles easily by any kid! Soft materials makes this a perfect scooter for playful kids from 5-12 years old!

weight scooter 2.5 – 4 kg
handlebar adjustable Yes
number of wheels 3
color Aqua/Light Blue, Silver/Grey
max. weight (user) 70 kg
wheel size front mm 120mm (fat)
wheel size rear mm 80mm
Age 5-12 y