Maxi Deluxe Red

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maxi Micro Kickboard for children over 5 years.

If your children are now too old for the Mini Micro, but still too young for the normal Micro kickboards, the Maxi Micro is just right for you!
The new deluxe model now carries not only 50 kg but now 70 kg and the triplet got stronger and a new surface so the stand on the kickboard is safer and better. Like this the kickboard is not only suitable for kids, but also for young stayed adults!
As another extra the handlebar got a new design which makes the Maxi Micro deluxe a real eye-catcher!
Because of a special weight steering the Maxi Micro gives an unique driving experience just as the Mini Micro and is ideal for the way to school or a relaxed walk outside with the family.
The T-bar can also optionally be replaced by a knob.
The kickboard has a certain steering mechanism, and a child-oriented knob.
Through a manufactured from soft plastic and fiberglass including triplet optimal security without sharp edges and points is guaranteed.

Age group: 5+
Load capacity 50 kg
Weight: 2.5KG
Roles: 120/80 mm PU
Handlebar height: ca. 68-92 cm
Flooring: Asphalt